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According to the book PM Revenue Freight Cars by Million and Paton this series, 42650-43149, was listed as "Vehicle" wood and were built for automobile service. The builders photo on page 28 shows a car stenciled with "Vehicle". Apparently they didn't necessarily have larger doors when built, but the authors state that they were 17" taller than other box cars in their fleet. There are roster notes stating that by 1908 25 cars had full size end doors and by 1911 48 cars were so equipped. Later by 1931, after the date of the photo, some cars were rebuilt with staggered double-doors.


At the time those cars were built, it is just as likely they would be carrying parts for carriages as automobiles. Both tend to be odd shapes that don't pack tightly in a boxcar, thus the oversize cars. Some railroads included furniture in the mix, and marked their cars VEHICLE AND FURNITURE. As the carriage trade disappeared, the ARA adopted AUTOMOBILE as the standard marking for an oversize boxcar.

Dennis Storzek

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