Re: Sand Loads in HO?


Jim I am using any sand I like after sifting it in screen and then strainers obtained at the local food tools store.  The final size is obtained using a tea strainer.  I have collected sand of various colors from many sites over the years when railfanning.   I believe you want white sand for the sand tower.
Sand, white in color, used for casting at foundries is great if you can get it.   I like it especially for loads  at the railroad yard sand house.  The specific sand I believe you are looking for.   I went to a local foundry and obtained it at no charge.  My new favorite is frac sand which I believe will also work well for your needs.  It white in color and really fine and I have obtained it at various loading facilities.  No strainers needed to obtain useable size, only to get dabree out if needed.

Whatever the sand, it is glued with water diluted white glue to foam formed removable loads fitting the car the load goes into.

Hope this helps.
Lester Breuer

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Hi all,

What product do you use for making an HO scale sand load
in a gondola? I don't want to use any kind of food product
(such as flour).
I'm willing to color it with paint and washes.

The only commercial product I'm finding is the one by
Motrak. That one might work - but it is white and would
require color changes. And all of the sources I've been
able to find want as much or more to ship it as the load

This is to represent "sand being delivered to an engine
facility for RR use such as for locomotives" - the sand
seen at a sand tower. It will go in an Intermountain
ATSF Caswell gondola (if that makes a difference).
- Jim B.

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