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Peter Hall

Another product you might consider is Sanded Grout.  It’s very fine, and comes in several useful colors.


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I have used diatomaceous earth, which you can get cheaply from many hardware stores and pet stores.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR
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Hi all,

What product do you use for making an HO scale sand load
in a gondola? I don't want to use any kind of food product
(such as flour).
I'm willing to color it with paint and washes.

The only commercial product I'm finding is the one by
Motrak. That one might work - but it is white and would
require color changes. And all of the sources I've been
able to find want as much or more to ship it as the load

This is to represent "sand being delivered to an engine
facility for RR use such as for locomotives" - the sand
seen at a sand tower. It will go in an Intermountain
ATSF Caswell gondola (if that makes a difference).
- Jim B.

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