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Mark Stamm

Scale Hobbyist has better prices than Amazon. No connection just looking for the best value for my hobby dollar.

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I've bought several different Vallejo paint colors through a little joint called Amazon.

Micro-Mark also offers many of the Model Air colors and they relabeled them to reflect Floquil and Polly-S colors. I bought several of those and was disappointed in the labeling. But an inexpensive color wheel helped me understand some basics and I typically add drops of other color to achieve my end results. For instance, my go-to mineral brown starts with a Burnt Umber and I add 10 drops of aged white to lighten the color. I covered some of this mixing in a recent blog post on car painting.

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 It is mostly used by military modelers, so check out the local shops that cater to that crowd

    A couple of good train shops withing 50 miles of me but no military that I know of.  Any mail order folks you know of?  I assume because of formula shipping is not a problem.  Also a site that shows colors/sizes/costs?

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