I have used a rather involved method of attaching Carmer cut levers that goes back to the Freestate
product. I try to make all of my rolling stock as "bulletproof" as possible. I turn mounting posts with two
diameters from brass rod. I make up a batch when doing turnings so that I have them ready when needed.
I use brass NBE castings to better replicate the actual cut lever. A hole is drilled in the end of the post
and the two lever parts are threaded on the NBW and soldered into the hole .A hole is drilled in the end of
the car for the smallar diameter of the plug. If it is a brass car the plug is soldered into the hole. If it is a resin
car the post is ACC'd into the hole. When using the Freestate product two etchings are used for each end
which provides the prototype offset. This is not mnecessary with the Yarmouth product.

Styreen rod could be used for the post which would greatlysimplify things.

Bill Pardie

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