Re: BLI 6K Tank Car photos posted

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:


But a funky model with giant rivets, fat handrails, a 4" thick solid walkway. I'm
sorry, but park this blob next to a TANGENT tank car and you will not be happy with
the comparison.

   If you mean on the jacket, those are bolts, not rivets. Handrails, last time I checked, can be replaced (along with the heavy ladder). The walkway is pretty lame, there I agree. And full agreement with the comparison to Tangent models.
     It's kind of like the BLI releases of the NYC steel boxcars. Yeah, well short of great models, but we needed the cars. These BLI tank cars are very badly needed 6000-gallon insulated cars. Reminds me in a way of what we always used to say about Walthers (some still do): good news is that the model has been produced, bad news is that Walthers did it.

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