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I think you're probably correct, Richard, but given that the photo appears to be taken in Wyoming. PA
wonder what it could be for. It could be a special load other than ore of any grade if it were something 
large that required a crane to hoist it over and lower it into the car. Also, are those webbed straps similar
to what is used now that are going over the top and appear to be fastened to the sides between the stakes?

My best, Don Valentine

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I'm going to say covered gondola. I've seen similar cars on the C&S narrow gauge in Colorado, used for carrying high-grade ore.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Hi List Members,

I'd like to invite everyone to consider the nice image linked below:

The two cars closest to the camera appears to PRR class GS gondolas.

What is the third car from the camera? Pickle car? Gondola with covers?
Something else?

Claus Schlund

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