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Douglas Harding

Al that might be true for very early stockcars, but the 28hr law implemented in 1906 (itself an update of a 1877 law) made feed bins on stockcars obsolete. Stockcars with high exterior boards as seen in the photo were common up past WWII.



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Solid top areas had pull-down feed bins I believe?


Al Kresse

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C&O had them also . . . . Mr Garstang, later Master Mechanic for C&O helped in their design.


Al Kresse

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>>...But I've never seen a stock car that has those boards on the top of the sides/ends (on any RR)....


>>...But the top of the sides (and ends) are something I've never seen anywhere on any RR's stock car....
>>Jim B.


Hi Jim, 


Really? That's a little surprising, because at one time they were de rigueur on almost every stock car built. Just in my own photo collection, I have images of cars from the following roads with this type of large lettering board:


A&NM, ATSF, BCE, C&A, C&GT, C&S, C&NW, CA&CRW, CB&Q, CCC&StL, CGW, CMO, CP, CRI&P, CC&O, CWV&S, D&RG, DL&W, GN, Hicks, IC, I-GN, KCMO, LPTC, LS&MS, LV, M&NA, M&O, Mather, Milwaukee, MKT, MP, NdeM, NP, NKP, NYC&HR, PM, PRR, RGS, Rutland, SLSF, Soo, SSW, W&LE, Wabash, WC, WM.


Cyril Durrenberger wrote an article for Model Railroading magazine in the early '00's on matching the old Roundhouse (and AHM) shorty stock car to the prototype, and showcased a couple of dozen of these cars. 


True, this type of stock car wasn't much built after 1910, but the type survived into WWII.



Ray Breyer

Elgin, IL





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