Re: BLI 6K Tank Car photos posted

Richard Townsend

I wonder if some of the criticisms for the tank car might be muted when one realizes that it is a 6,000 gallon car. What looks oversized on this relatively small car might not be. Critics might be coming from a frame of reference based on 8,000 gallon, 10,000 gallon, and 11,000 gallon cars, and unconsciously seeing those features relative to the scale of the larger cars. In other words, what looks right on an 11,000 gallon car might look oversized on a 6,000 gallon car, even though it is the same size on both.
I'll withhold judgment until I have one in my hand.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Tim O'Connor wrote:

But didn't TRIX previously try to render this car, and they ran into a lot
of flak here for their mistakes too?

    Yes though they were hindered by their seriously unusual truck-coupler-underframe design, not the least bit easy to fix. This one has far less warts, IMO. And I'm already looking at mods toward insulated ICC 103 and 104 cars of this size.

Tony Thompson

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