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What color green?  Pullman?  Are there decals with that logo?


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I have a Mainline Video showing one of the RF&P USRA cars in green in a freight train on the Southern mainline near Greensboro.  Time period is mid-fifties; direction is northbound.  I've wondered if these cars were ever used to deliver monthly magazines like Reader's Digest or Life?  They could have gone out on passenger trains delivering the magazines but gone back empty in freight trains.  Curious if anyone knows of if any major magazines of the period were printed near Richmond or Washington?  Were any roads express boxcars known for use for this service? 

George Courtney

Hi George,

    Both of those magazines, and many other national publications, in at least some years in that e! ra were printed by the Rumford Press in Concord, NH. They went out in B&M baggage cars and some baggage cars from other nearby roads. Manuy of the B&M's cars after WW II were converted from heavyweight Pullmans and others were converted from Pullman Troop Sleepers. B&M trains originating in Concord were noted to handle Rumford Press cars "as required". One wonders if some of these publications might have been printed at more
than one location around the nation to ease delivery costs and have most delivered on the same day.

My Best, Don Valentine

Hope this is of some help to you, Don Valentine

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