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Schuyler Larrabee

A manufacturer/dealer who stands by his product line, and makes good on an error. Amazing! And really appreciated, Ted, even if I am not among those affected!


I had a bunch of sets that were released within the last nine months or so printed by a company that has become a large player in the decal industry within the last year. Unfortunately, I have had a number of complaints about these decals not conforming to many surfaces, even in two cases with application of undiluted darkroom stop bath (acetic acid, which is essentially undiluted decal softening agent). I have scrapped these decals and have had them reprinted with my new supplier (the one I raved about so profusely a few weeks back).

I am doing a sort of recall. PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME ABOUT THIS. IF you ordered from me via the web site, you need not do anything. I will send free replacements. It may take several weeks for me to work through this. IF you purchased the decals from me at a meet or show, then I need you to let me know (by forwarding this email TO ME, NOT THE ENTIRE LIST). The following is a list of the affected decals:

* <> D161 – Pacific Fruit Express R-30-9 with ‘1948’ black & white SP medallion/UP shield
* <> D162 – International-Great Northern (MP) 50-ton AAR War Emergency flat car (includes pulpwood version)
* <> D163 – Union Pacific F-50-11 AAR 50-ton flat cars
* <> D164 – Texas & New Orleans G-50-19/-21/-24 War Emergency-design composite gondolas
* <> D166 – Western Pacific PFE Reconditioned/Rebuilt refrigerator car
* <> D168 – Pacific Fruit Express R-40-23 refrigerator car as-built (‘1946’ scheme)
* <> D169 – Pacific Fruit Express R-30/40-18 Rebuilt refrigerator car (‘1946’ scheme)
* <> D170 – Pacific Fruit Express R-30/40-21 Rebuilt refrigerator car (‘1942’ scheme)
* <> D171 – Chesapeake & Ohio 9500-series Automobile Cars
* <> D172 – Missouri Pacific Murphy roof Covered Hoppers
* <> D172K – Missouri Pacific Murphy roof Covered Hoppers with undec IM kit
* <> D173 – Santa Fe AAR 70-ton 65’6″ Gondolas (Ga-47/-48/-55/-70)

Where feasible, I will combine with a mailing for other goods that you have ordered.

I apologize for the quality issues. I thought this printing technology would solve a problem, but it only created one. (However, I do have a use for such printing and will share it very soon).

Thanks for your patience.



Ted Culotta

Speedwitch Media -


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