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Douglas Harding

According to Gene Green the M&StL 28000 series of box cars were 102 used boxcars purchased in 1939. 28000 to 28202; 40'-6";          80,000;  ex-RF&P 2251-2450 40'-6" SS box cars . they only lasted till 1944.



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Hi Garth, Justin, and group,

If I might offer a small correction, RFP stock car 2409 was built from a different car series than the USRA cars. It came from the RFP 2251-2450 series delivered by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1918. Those cars were shorter and wider than the USRA cars, had a different side stake configuration, and also a wider door opening. The majority of this series was off the RF&P’s roster in the late 1930s (at least 1 went to M&StL in the 28000 series, perhaps all?), but 10 were held back by the RF&P and converted to stock cars. What’s odd is that in the ORER the stock cars show up with the same dimensions as the USRA cars, but in the RF&P's documents 2409 (which survived into the 1960s) is clearly marked as PSC 1918 and the dimensional diagram matches the PSC cars. This is not the first weirdness I’ve uncovered in the RF&P’s ORER listings.

To the USRA cars, the doors are listed in RF&P documentation dated 1953 as “Camel, wood,” brakes as “Ajax geared - Westinghouse AB,” and the roof as “Murphy galvanized.” As of Jan. 1, 1955 the following cars numbers are listed as being in service: 1092, 1104, 2489, 2569, 2575, 2581, 2587, 2598, 2609, 2621, 2625, 2630, 2640, 2661, 2694, 2714, 2727, 2731, 2746, 2769, 2774, 2781, and 2782. That’s what’s in the documentation, but photographic evidence reveals this to be not 100% accurate as I have pictures of 1019, 1020, and 2775 all with reweigh dates from the 1960s. But at least that list may serve as a starting point for picking 1950s era numbers.

All the best,

James McDonald
Greenbelt, MD

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> Justin, Eric and Friends,
> Actually, there were two groups of RF&P USRA boxcars. RF&P 2451-2800
> originally assigned to the RF&P by the USRA. Subsidiary Washington
> Southern was assigned 981-1130, later merged into the RF&P. This gave
> the RF&P a total of 500 cars. In January 1958, there were still 9 cars
> left in the 2451 group, and 8 in the 981 group. There was also a stock
> car, 2409, which had the same dimensions as the USRA boxcars. These were
> some of the longest serving USRA single-sheathed cars in revenue service
> in more-or-less original condition. I have a photo in my collection of
> RF&F 1131 with a 1965 reweigh date. Quite a few USRA boxcars also were
> in RF&P's MOW fleet.
> Yours Aye,
> Garth Groff

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