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Justin May

Thank you all who have responded thus far. I've also located some additional photos of these cars via -

I have an underlying project for this car, which once I get some additional Evergreen styrene in hand, I'll share via my blog, but for now, thank you again for all who have responded.

Justin May

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Justin, Eric and Friends,

Actually, there were two groups of RF&P USRA boxcars. RF&P 2451-2800 originally assigned to the RF&P by the USRA. Subsidiary Washington Southern was assigned 981-1130, later merged into the RF&P. This gave the RF&P a total of 500 cars. In January 1958, there were still 9 cars left in the 2451 group, and 8 in the 981 group. There was also a stock car, 2409, which had the same dimensions as the USRA boxcars. These were some of the longest serving USRA single-sheathed cars in revenue service in more-or-less original condition. I have a photo in my collection of RF&F 1131 with a 1965 reweigh date. Quite a few USRA boxcars also were in RF&P's MOW fleet.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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That is a USRA single-sheathed box car. RF&P were assigned 350 in the 2451-2800 series. It looks like RF&P 2538 in the image has been upgraded with an AB brake system and a second grab on the left side of the car.


The USRA freight car assignments can be found here.




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Can anyone provide me with the details on this series of RF&P boxcars? 



The cars appear to be USRA boxcars and similar to that of the Tichy USRA boxcar kit, 4026, but I wanted to confirm if there were any known differences besides the application of a wooden door? 


In RPC #8, a small caption gives some very pertinent details of a series converted to express service, but I was curious to know their original roster information and number series.


Thank you,

Justin May

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