Guy Wilber

Steve Wrote:  "I stand corrected on loading. The time began when the car was loaded and ended when it was unloaded. So loading did not count but unloading did."


This will help your cause:

"US. vs. Southern Pacific Company, 157 Fed. 459, 1907; "The time of confinement of a shipment of stock is to be reckoned from the completion of the loading at any given point to the commencement of the unloading of the stock at the next point along the route; and there are as many violations of the law as the periods of confinement between loading and the next unloading are in excess of the statutory time prescribed for such confinement between the point of original departure and the final destination of the shipment, even though they relate to the same stock or the same train"

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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