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That is not always the case especially once galvanized roofs were used.  As built galvanized roofs tend to not be painted or coated with asphaltum unless built by the PRR.  The issue with the X43b is they were manufactured at two locations.  IIRC without digging into files ACF built one group and the ohter was home built by the PRR from ACF supplied kits.  I suspect one followed the PRR painting instructions and the other did not.  We need as built roof photographs of the 85400 - 86399 and 600000 601999 series of cars as these are the two different groups.

Rich Orr

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Since the Pennsy was an important customer, you would be safer assuming (IMHO)  that the painting instructions were followed.


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The PRR painting instructions call for the roof to be two coats of asphaltum which would be a grayish black.  The question is did the builders follow these directions and the answer to that is unknown.  

Rich Orr

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No one knows for sure. Ed Hawkins posted:

Tim O'Connor

As delivered, did these PRR box cars have a red, or black roof?  The branchline kit contains a black running board and a roof that is black in the center and red around the edges.  I'd be grateful for help in getting the original roof (and running board) color correct.  Many thanks, Ed Shoben

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