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The NP originally ordered the car because they had shippers that wanted a shorter car. The car was stenciled with MDT reporting marks when delivered but as stated below would be acquired by the NP a few years later as there was little added value provided by MDT.

Roger Hinman

From the Tacoma Public Library. Caption:

A Northern Pacific Railway refrigerator car is stationary on tracks in a 1957 photograph requested by the Pacific Car & Foundry Co. All vital information regarding the boxcar is listed on its side, including weight, dimensions and capacity limits. Apparently this was a newly engaged car as of September, 1957.


Use the slider above the photo to enlarge it.


The photo shows that the car owner is Pacific Car & Foundry and NP is the lessee. A Northern Pacific document, Status Of Authorities For Expenditure (, shows that this car was approved for purchase by the railroad on 1-8-60 and this action was completed 12-30-59 (an after-the-fact authorization probably for tax purposes).


As this car appears to be a one-of-a-kind, what happened to it? I would think its relatively short, forty-foot nominal length contributed to an early demise, but that is just a guess.




Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


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