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John Barry


With your partial read on the # it has to be 907x5 which would make it a Ft-P.  A 50 foot car built by AC&F in 1930.  All ATSF revenue flats in 1945 were in the 9xxxx series with the Ft-P numbered 90701-90850.
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Neat photo!  Flats are:
WP 2614, reweigh ORO 5-45.  Of interest are the stencil that probably denotes centerline loading issues and the chalk mark "Birchfield" just to the left of the WP.

ATSF ?07?5 (could be 30735), class Ft-?

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From the Tacoma Public Library. 1948 Photo. Caption:
Two flatcars with boilers, Birchfield Boiler. Giant boilers wait on flatcars for shipment to Southern California. The largest will be installed in the new building of the General Petroleum Corp. of Los Angeles.The Birchfield Boiler facilities can be seen in the background. The plant was also completing an order for 25 large pressure tanks complete with copper heating coils for the US Army in addition to approximately 400 tank heaters for the army.
This is a good boiler load reference photo for the boilers offered by Resin Car Works and previously discussed here:
Bob Chaparro
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