Re: Unusual tank car interior photo.

Charles Peck

Lower right corner of the interior photo shows the interior ladder. 
It seems dirty enough to be permanently mounted but I cannot
be certain if mounted or portable. 
Chuck Peck

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So this picture and the one of the exterior of the same car got me to
thinking (often a dangerous thing!) ...

So you have your long ladder on the ground that gets you right up to
the dome. Then you take off the man way cover (correct term?) and
you are ready to go down into the car.
Is there a ladder inside the car? How do you get it clean enough to
avoid slipping and falling? If there isn't a ladder on the inside that is
fastened at the bottom how do you keep it from slipping out from
under you?
I see no evidence of a ladder for this purpose in the exterior shot.
But the guy certainly looks like he is climbing up on top of the dome
in order to go down into the tank. He's working alone!
I see a couple of drums/containers, some burlap bags, a shovel,
but no other tools what so ever. As in 'nothing that could be used
to replace/repair a faulty valve' (perhaps he has dropped them
inside the tank already?).

LBRX appears to be "Lyle Branchflower Company" - a Seattle based
company producing products related to fish oil. So it was probably
fish oil in that car! Not exactly hazardous - but as someone else
already pointed out "it probably was a smelly job". *G*
It is even possible that the guy on top of that car that was working
alone was an employee of the Lyle company and this photo may
have been taken at the siding that served the company. Their
plant seems to have been in Ballard right near the Ballard bridge.
(And to think I was driving around that area just last year. BTW -
there isn't anything in that area that looks like "an old brick
building" that might be where L.B. Co. was located.)

If you are ever in that area you can't go wrong by having a meal
at Ponti's near the Fremont St. bridge. Yummmmm!
- Jim B.

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