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And I just placed one.


Brian Ehni

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This whole thread would have been obviated if only someone had stated what you so eloquently just stated. It wasn't, and I canceled my order. It remains to be seen whether or not I place another one.

Nelson Moyer

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Somehow have missed this thread until now...

The problem, of course, with showing a photo of a first pilot model is that few people realize the purpose of making one, which is design review and revision. We get convinced to post photos because customers complain that they've seen no progress, then we get blasted for all the problems with that sample by folks wo don't realize why you have test samples!

The first test sample that was shown in the photo was rejected. The model is being partially re-tooled to include finer board detail, wire end grabs and cut bars and a host of other changes and improvements.

In the initial design phase we specified a board groove width. The factory matched that groove width.... at the bottom of the grooves. However, the rather extreme draft angle that the toolmaker added caused the TOP of the groove (the visible part) to be significantly wider than the design called for. Also, the factory engineers convinced me that they could match the diameter of the wire side grabs on the plastic end ladders. Had they been able to do this it would have meant easier assembly and less parts that could fall off. Unfortunately, as can be seen by the test sample, It was a noble effort but they failed. So, it goes back to the tooling shop to add holes for wire grabs and to have the ladders reworked.

They are working on the revisions now. When we have newer parts we'll (so help us..!) post photos of them as well, with all the usual disclaimers if they're not ready for production!

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains

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