Re: Rapido DS NP box car

Donald B. Valentine

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Kadee cars are still fabulous models, but we have pointed out MANY flaws such
as (1) incorrect running boards [Kadee only does APEX] (2) incorrect trucks for
the prototype [e.g. 70 ton roller bearing trucks instead of 50 ton] (3) incorrect
underframes [esp mislocated cross bearers on many cars] and of course the #1 beef
with Kadee in general (4) crappy [albeit highly accurate] graphics.

Tim O'Connor

HUH??   #1, 2 & 3 I understand and can correct if desired but what is so "crappy" 
about Kadee graphics?
You note that they are "highly accurate" but then go on to call them "crappy"?
Am I missing something here? I admit that their PS-1's are a bit too late for my
era but just love the various earlier renditions of their offset side hoppers and
always look forward to new presentations from Kadee.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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