Re: Loading Barrels In A Boxcar

Greg Martin

Schuyler and all,
This is a typical AAR barrel loading diagram with a second layer. It would be nice to have a shot of the bracing and blocking to show the way it was done in the AAR diagrams. We can't forget that the cars were loaded for weight first and then cubic capacity.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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Those are NOT lightweight barrels! Is that a deck over a layer of barrels, or, to my eyes (the photo’s pretty dark) it looks like a false floor to put these on about 2’ or so above the car floor. The content of the barrel is ALKALI NO. 1 FLAKE.

Does anybody know what weight would be in a 55 gallon drum of that material?

And why would anyone build a false floor, if that IS what I am seeing there?


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