Kadee grabs for early IMWX (nee Red Caboose) kits?

A&Y Dave in MD

I have a set of IMWX kits representing the 1937 AAR box car for the Southern Railway.  These were early kits and had a nicely representative, but severely oversized grab iron.  It has the staggered holes on the boxcar side for the grab iron bracket to be inserted. Can the Kadee bracket grabs be substituted using the holes in the IMWX/Red Caboose kit?  I know the Kadee grab irons look very similar and are much finer (Yarmouth Model Works’ site even sells a template for drilling holes to use these since Pierre calls the Kadee grabs “superb” http://www.yarmouthmodelworks.com/index.php/Products/YMW-502 ).  I think it would be nice if they


I don’t know if it is worth the difference in look to plug the IMWX holes in the kit and use the Yarmouth Works template to add the Kadees.  If I can use the existing holes though, that indeed would be “superb.”   Has anyone tried?  I have 7 kits to build and I don’t currently have Kadee brackets to test.  I’d order the brackets if I knew they would be a simple fit.  I may stick with the oversized for now if I have to plug and drill to use the Kadees.


While awaiting an answer, I’ll go back to working on resin kits for my ’34 Southern Winston-Salem division / Atlantic & Yadkin home layout.  These ’37 kits are for my FCSME club trains (ca 1955).



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