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Donald B. Valentine

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 > The barrels contain flake/crystal caustic soda/sodium hydroxide/NaOH.
 > Regards Jerry Albin

A friend of mine worked a summer at Cumberland Farms dairy in New Jersey
in the 1960's. One of his jobs was to test the Ph of incoming tanker trucks
of bulk milk. He told me that if the milk was too acidic, he would dump
large bags of caustic soda - LYE - into the tank in order to "sweeten" the
load. So anyway, that's something you can deliver to the creamery on your
layout! :-)

Tim O'Connor

  If you remember back into the late 1950's and early 1960's, Tim, you may recall 
that Crummy Farms and Garelick Bros. were often fined in Mass. for selling milk
that had less than 3.7% butterfat content. Can't help but wonder what would have
happened to them had they been caught in Mass. or northern New England adding 
caustic soda to it. Now both Garelick and Crummy Farms are owned by Suiza
Foods Corp., as is West Lynn Creamery, and anyone who knows anything about
milk won't touch their products. I don't know a single farmer in this region who
ships to either of them and expect their milk, if one can call it that, may be coming 
from outside of the New England Region. Most everyone around here ships to the
Cabot Co-op, which is Agrimark, or the St. Albans Co-op with a few still shipping
to H.P.Hood or Hood owned Booth Bros. Unfortunately it has now been 45 years
since any of it has moved by rail in either freight or passenger service.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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