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Hi Freight Car Fans!

I am a bit surprised that the Cardwell draft gear was not immediately recognized in the referenced photo.  It is not new to our modeling or documentation efforts.  It is a feature of the Sunshine #99 kit series  although in comments therein Martin did not recognize what those horizontal coil springs were all about.  Further, in the prolifically produced AC&F Type 21car from LifeLike/Walthers these features are right in there.  It is not a feature of the F&C Type 11 only because the modeler adds their own coupler housing but it would have been the likely draft gear applied by AC&F.  This is made clear in Ted Culotta's Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual, Vol Two, as many photos and end-of-tank stenciling images show.  This draft gear type was commonly applied to tank cars from the teens, twenties, into the thirties, and perhaps beyond.  It is the primary illustration of the 1926 Railway Training Institute illustration.

What is it about this particular gear made it so applicable to tank cars?  Was it also applied to other cars?  I have not looked yet but I do not recall it turning up in other illustrations, drawings, or models of other cars.  Why was it a tank car favorite?

Regards from now snow covered western Penna.  Mike Schleigh in Grove City.

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wheelset in each truck. I've never noticed these before and wonder if they are related to the
draft gear or what purpose they served.">>

I would like to add a few points to this thread:

These Cardwell draft gear spring parts are part of the HO Scale Tangent Scale Models GATC 1917-design tank car models that we offer factory-painted, where applicable.  We will offer these, and other parts from our newest steam-era model, as separate parts down the road for kitbashers, detailers, etc.  Watch our "Parts" page for more information.

Also, the gorgeous photo of GATX 7167, the car that spawned this thread, is indeed a GATC 1917-design 8000 gallon radial course tank car (i.e. the Tangent model).

Finally, on Wednesday of this week we will release the last very small batch of our original production 8,000 gallon GATC 1917-design tank cars, so if anyone missed out on getting those, please see our website this Wednesday.  These are cars from the original production that were late in getting to our warehouse (this batch will only include the 5 gorgeous RTR fully-painted and lettered paint schemes from our production announced at Trainfest in Milwaukee last November).

Best wishes,

David Lehlbach
Tangent Scale Models

   Thank you Dennis and David. This is good info to have. I'm embarrassed to note, David, that I
hadn't even noticed it on the two of your tank cars I have.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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