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50 years
Although you can get extensions
Many private passenger cars exceed 50 yrs old. 

Mark Landgraf
Albany NY

Waaaay more complicated than that... but since this is all in the future for this list, I'm NOT looking it up. However, having lived through it, from memory...

The initial FRA rule was fifty years, with the limit decreasing two months every month until the limit reached forty years. At that point all the really elderly junk was expected to be gone, and the limit expanded out to fifty years again. I remember this because it spelled the end of finding really neat OLD cars in work service, although as it turned out, there were waivers available, so it didn't really have that much effect on the oldest cars. The poor economy of the early eighties did more to clear out the oldest cars from the interchange fleet than the rule, I think.

Dennis Storzek

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