Re: Sand Loads in HO?

Michael Gross

Dear Jim,

This is an awfully late reply to our post of March 6, but I have been out of the country and away from my photo stash.

The sand load for my Intermountain Caswell gon was made from a piece of carved balsa sprinkled with fine locomotive sand that I found along the BNSF right-of-way.  Though not true HO "scale," it looked good enough to me.  The raw sand appeared bland so I dry brushed it with off-white acrylic and and sprayed it with a final coat of matte.  I forget if I used an initial wash, but as I usually add both contrasts and highlights, I suspect I did.

I added two photos of the Caswell to my photo file, "Completed Models" so you can see the car for yourself.  If you can't access the file, email me at ActorMichaelGross AT gmail DOT com, and I will send you the pictures directly.


Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA

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