Re: HO Red Caboose Mather Meat Reefer kits

Barry Kenner

Hello Andy,
       I would like the first three if still available. Thanks, Barry

From: Andy Carlson midcentury@... [STMFC]
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017 5:00 PM
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Subject: [STMFC] HO Red Caboose Mather Meat Reefer kits

Sorry, I overlooked adding "Please respond Off-List to me at ".

I have 3 mint new old stock Red Caboose factory decorated Mather Meat Reefer kits which I am offering for purchase. All 3 are factory new, and have undisturbed, tissue wrapped contents.
RC 1014-2  M-I-D Packing Co Mather Meat Reefer MONX #1033
Same, RC  1014-3 MONX #1036
Same, RC 1014-5 1014-5 MONX #1044
I also have 2 with some modest shelf wear on the boxes.
RC 1001-d M.R.R.X. #2641 Mather Meat Reefer
RC 1005-4 Morrell #2765 Mather Meat Reefer
Offered at $19 each. Shipping is $2.85 and up. I accept checks and money orders. for a small fee I also accept PayPal.
There is some doubt that the new owners of Red Caboose, Intermountain Railway Co., will ever offer these cars in the future, as I have had explained to me that IM feels that they have "too many wood reefers".
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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