Re: B&O O-27c trucks

Dave Parker

Bruce, Steve, Bill:

Bruce:  Sorry I could not address your question specifically about the B&O O-27c; I was only trying to say that, yes, I think we have truck that can pass for the 70-t Andrews (the Bowser Crown).  IIRC it does not have brake shoes but, based on my experience with the Bowser arch bars and 2D-F8s, the Kadee shoes should snap right onto the bolsters.

Steve:  Thanks for correcting my brain-f**t on the 2E-F2 trucks; don't know why I typed in 2E-F8.  Also thanks for nudging me to look more closely at the drawings of the 2E-F3 (USRA) trucks.  To my eye the F2s and F3s are "more different" in the drawings that they are in prototype photos.  YMMV of course.

Bill:  IMHO, the Accurail Andrews doesn't really represent any prototype (at least to an Exxtreme modeler).  Yes, it has the longer wheelbase of the 70-t USRA truck, but the sideframes are not nearly beefy enough, nor is the spring-box anywhere near wide enough to pass for the 70-tonner.  To my eye, it's just a 50-ton USRA truck with an elongated wheelbase.  Again, YMMV.


Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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