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Charles Peck

I'm not sure I can follow all the directions for casting a translucent red wheel.  Anybody here casting some that
might sell me one? Contact offline please...
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As some of you know, State Highway 99 in the California Central Valley still parallels the former Southern Pacific (now UP) mainline in many areas. Years ago while traveling that route I saw a hotbox on an SP beet train going in my same direction.


It was quite a sight with bright flames and sparks shooting from a damaged journal, trailing black and gray smoke for a hundred yards or more.


I've though about modeling a lot of things but never a hotbox...until now.


The First Quarter 2017 issue of the free on-line NYC Modeler has a detailed, richly illustrated article by Dean Apostal on just such a project, starting on Page 29. Here is the link:


And to see a hotbox on a model freight train, check out this link:


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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