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The color of the original Roundhouse models was a good match for the rich red-oxide paint the WP favored up until the early 1950s. If your cars came painted and lettered for WP, you should try to match that. If you are working with undecorated models, or from some other road, good luck. If you own a copy of Jim Eager's WESTERN PACIFIC COLOR GUIDE, take a look at the lower of the two 40' boxcars on page 19 and make your own match. There is a color photo of one of the 50' cars on page [3], but to my eye it looks like the colors in the photo have shifted. Also check Fred Jantz's article at .

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I’m in the process of removing all the cast-on detail from two HO scale Roundhouse 50’ single-sheathed automobile cars that will become Western Pacific 40001-40100 (originally 13001-13100) series cars.  Separately-applied details will replace the cast-on details.  I’d like to repaint these cars in a proper “boxcar red” color that would be appropriate for the 1947-1950 time frame.  

I’d be grateful for advice on what paint/color would be a good “BCR” match for these two cars.


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