Re: Solid Bearings vs. Roller Bearings


           Bob, you may have seen the same in a Railway Age article from the 1940 time span. It strikes a familiar note with me also. I cannot be certain however that is only 10 years and twenty large books to search. (Ah, for a supply of coffee and a pile of old Railway Age books to peruse some days.)  
         Of the second sentence of Todd Horton's comment about "initial startup". I seem to recall, however am not certain that there was something to this addressed in the Railway Age article that once there was a uniform coating of oil on the bearing surfaces, the advantages of the roller bearing - in so far as drag due to friction is concerned - were largely negated. Metal was not touching metal then, it was all riding on a thin film of oil.    Of course hot boxes are another matter.
        Of the advantages when starting, there can be no doubt roller bearings are advantageous. Many of us recall seeing the photos of this railroad or that railroad with three shapely office secretaries borrowed from the railroads offices pulling a boxcar (or even a locomotive) equipped with these (then) new roller bearings. And these photos can be found in the Railway Ages of that time.                                                                   Jim Dick, St. Paul, MN  

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