Re: C&O "Lift to open"


That is way cool Gary, ask a question on ResinFreightCars and get an answer here! Vol 4 is the one volume I didn't have.
I was thinking it was the auto end doors with the "Open" stencil, and it is the side doors. Thanks for the help, I can continue decaling the F&C 1930 C&O 50' Automobile boxcar.
RJ Dial
Burlingame. CA

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Ted Culotta’s Focus on Freight Cars Volume Four at pages 32 and 33 shows 9380 a single door boxcar with the lettering “lift to open” on the left side of the middle of the door handle with an arrow pointing to the bar latch that is in the bottom middle of the door.


Gary Laakso

South of Mike Brock

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