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How would an agent know if there was a hot box 50-75 cars or more from the head end?    It is up to the  rear end crew to watch for agent.......With 42 years as a conductor there were alot of different signals.....Holding your nose was a sign for hot box.....rubbing your hands together was for sticking brakes/sliding wheels.........the general location in the train was given by rubbing head for head end.....belly for middle and butt for rear......Radio changed all that.....Larry Mennie

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We do have a figure of a station agent modified such that he is holding his nose with one hand and pointing to the track with the other.  I've got a picture of him "in action" on the Atlantic Great Eastern.  I'll see if I can get it uploaded to the photos section.

Engineers are instructed to watch for the agent on the platform doing a roll-by inspection as they pass an open station.  Most of the time it is a figure giving a highball signal but every once in a while it's the guy indicating a hotbox.  In that case, the engineer had better well stop and have the train inspected.

Craig Wilson

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