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Eric Hansmann

I spent most of yesterday hammering images into shape and uploading them to a gallery. We want to send the link to attendees for a first look before sharing it with YahooGroups, Facebook, and other platforms. It's a small thank you for attending the meet.

Here's what I recall from a blurry couple of days. F&C will have a Union Railroad hopper available soon. Spring Mills Depot is hoping their B&O I-1 cabooses make progress towards manufacture.They are close to final production on a previously announced model then the cabooses. If you want one of these HO scale caboose models, preorder now. There were quite a few solid clinics, including a neat history of a forgotten 5 mile local Pennsy coal branch that was presented by a 16 year old. 

The final headcount was 202, which was an increase from the 2015 attendance of 160. 436 models were displayed. There were 38 presentations and 44 vendor tables. I thought the models were quite diverse. My eight 1926 era freight cars were beside late SP diesels that were extensively detailed and one was extensively weathered. There were a few O scale models, several N scale models, structures, and vehicles to go along with the usual loco and freight car displays. 

As an event committee member, I did not get the chance to see everything I had hoped. There were unexpected things to take care of and I tried to check on many presenters before they started so all was good to go with their tech connections. I had many very good conversations with lots of different people. 

I couple this event with family visits in the region as return trips to Pittsburgh are infrequent. I've been enjoying a few days at my brother's place with my boisterous nieces and nephew. I'll see my daughter and granddaughter tomorrow.

Lastly, Primanti Brother's sammiches are still on the large side.

Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX

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Tick-tock, so there were NO new kits, decals, books at the Penn. RPM to report on, no presentations/clinics people thought were particularly good that the rest of us missed. Hard to believe.


Bill Welch

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