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Gatwood, Elden J SAD


I heard there were 2 great presentations and a large display of modeling, at least 2 modelers, for the Union RR in and around Pgh, PA. The display (I have seen pics) had numerous hoppers, gons, and a box car and flat, cabooses, plus steam and diesel power, for this up-to-now almost unmodelled, and very interesting RR. This must've been a sizable multi-year effort to get to this point.

As you know, the steel-mill RR's have been notoriously poorly discussed, researched, and modeled, for many years, and it is good to hear some of this vacuum is being addressed. I hope there is more, for this undermodeled area of our hobby.

EJ&E, anyone?

Elden Gatwood

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Tick-tock, so there were NO new kits, decals, books at the Penn. RPM to report on, no presentations/clinics people thought were particularly good that the rest of us missed. Hard to believe.


Bill Welch

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