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Eric Hansmann

I have just a small correction to John's event summary. Will Jamison had the presentation on transporting wide steel plates. Nick Fry had an equally interesting presentation on Trains and Boats: Researching Rail-Marine Interfaces. 

Renewing friendships and meeting new people, like John, are a great benefit of prototype modeler meets. 

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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A number of presenters mentioned folks to whom they were indebted, including you.  I finally got to meet Eric, although at the Blenko's layout on Sunday rather than in the midst of the meet.  Sharon of F&C lamented that they only brought 5 of their X37s.  They were long gone by the time I got in the vendor room.  Ted Culotta's clinic showed me how to look at photos a little differently and see more detail.  Nick Fry's, although mostly about modern equipment, gave me a better appreciation on the loading of steel plate.  I was able to give him a still of CB&Q gons unloading plate at the Richmond CA shipyard.  GN loader scheme, glacier green, and big sky blue post date my 44-45 modeling era.  (Yes, sometimes it pays even if its not your era, more $$ in my pocket with what not to buy, like ACL cars with conspicuocity paint.)  I even learned a few research tips in what was probably the most poised presentation of the meet.  A young gentleman who had just gotten his driver's licence out presented many of the folks I've dealt with in my professional capacity over the last 40 years.  HS sophomore Charlie Blenko did a super job on researching abandoned branch lines.

All in all, a good time.  Now to get my clinic done for the East Coast Santa Fe Modelers. . .
John Barry
ATSF North Bay Lines 
Golden Gates & Fast Freights 
Lovettsville, VA

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