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Dennis, Everyone...

Apparently, there WERE Hutchins end stampings with two pressings per panel, the pressings of a different shape than the one-per-panel type: tapered ends rather than squared off (That is, if the end shown in the photos I'm uploading are properly called "Hutchins" as is the case in the model press). Photos of DT&I 17000 series cars all show this end. The best that I have would not be legal on the STMFC Site. Ron Christensen just turned up an AFE for the purchase of 49 of these cars from DT&I "17xxx" to FtDDM&S 11000-11049 dated 6/29/59.

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Thanks for the tip, Al. Comparing the car in that photo with those of DT&I cars shows an exact match in full side view. 

A view of an end for the FtDDM&S cars would clinch it since the DT&I cars had the rare Hutchins ends with tapered-end rather then squared-off-end bar stampings. 

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While it's always possible that there is an undocumented variant of the Hutchins end, All that I've seen have only ONE pressing per panel; so an end with five panels would show four lap seams at the corner flange. The picture in the Maywald book only appears to show one, so I would tend to think the car does NOT have Hutchins ends.

Dennis Storzek

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