Using "The Tool" (truck ream)?

Jim Betz

Hi all,

  This group seems to be the best that I'm a member of that can answer

this question - although it isn't directly related to steam era freight cars

it is related to using models of same.  Moderator/owner please indulge.

  ===> Does any one have an axle length that they like to use for

           trucks you have used "The Tool" on (the truck ream that

           is used to improve the rolling characteristics of plastic

           freight car trucks).

  For instance - have you found that a .998 axle works best

after you've reamed your trucks?  Some other size?  Does

it still depend upon the specific truck?

  I have been using truck reams for a long time.  I'm going to

be replacing some (a lot?) of my wheelsets with Code 88

and would like to be able to purchase "mostly just one size".

                                                                                  - Jim B.

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