Re: Using "The Tool" (truck ream)?

Jim Betz

Jeff and all,

When I use "The Tool" I hold the truck with the bearing
boxes of the axle I'm reaming between my fingers and
squeeze them - hard - as I turn the tool.
If I put the same wheelset back into the same truck
after reaming I can feel that the axle is a bit looser
than it was before in terms of end play.
Some trucks are even noticeably spread out by the tool
itself when you first put the tool in. After reaming some
of that spreading is gone.

My conclusion is that the axle distance between the
side frames does change due to the tool (in addition
to the conical hole also being smoothed out).

I use one of the original "Exxact Tools" and I turn it
in the truck at least 10 full turns per hole (4 times
= 40 full turns total).
And I -always- see some plastic shavings/turnings
that come out of the truck when I remove the tool.
From both ends and about the same amount of
shavings for each end/side of the truck.


Let me ask the question differently - if I know the
length of the tool (point to point) is there a recommended
amount of difference (decrease) for the probable optimum
axle that will "fit" that distance?
- Jim B.

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