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Andy Cich wrote:

<<Tangent announced new GATX acid tank cars in 1949 and 1951 versions. The difference in the cars is in the truck bolster ends. I can see the difference in the Hooker and Diamond photos.


And, Dan Kohlberg announced decal sets for these cars. Included are lessee stencils for Dow, Olin, Dupont, Stauffer, and Diamond.


This leads me to two questions. Hopefully Dave Lehlbach and Dan Kohlberg can answer.


First, does the Tangent undecorated kit cover both versions?


Second, which version is appropriate for Dow, Olin, Dupont, Stauffer, and Diamond?>>

Andy, thank you for your attention to our new acid tank release.  While our GATC 1949-design acid tank cars are within the bounds of this list, this list has a strict policy about making new announcements on Fridays only.  I try to respect rule, and therefore chose not to announce my cars here until this Friday (assuming I remember to do so!).  You see, Tangent Scale Models is a 24-7 operation, not a Friday-only one, so it was announced on other lists, forums, and Facebook.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, the Tangent kit does indeed parts to cover both the early and late versions.  Our kit instructions, located under the "Downloads" tab, also includes coverage of both.

2.  We have released Dow, Stauffer, and Diamond versions so you can take a look at our production cars on our site (both in the current cars for sale section, as well as the "Sold Out" section, to understand which is correct.  I have yet to find a photo for a Dupont car in the steam era that is a match for the Tangent car, although there are repaints, so it is possible they exist (although lessee changes may make that a bit dubious). 

Thank you for your interest in Tangent Scale Models products!

David Lehlbach

Tangent Scale Models

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