Re: Flat Car Load Pictures of International Bulldozers

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Doug and List Members,

The web site you reference has some interesting images.

One example is shown below, SOUTHERN INDIANA gondola 5789...


Claus Schlund

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Here are some:

<,Ro:200,N:4294963828-4294955414&dsNavOnly=N:4294963828-4294955414&dsRecordDetails=R:IM69184>,Ro:200,N:4294963828-4294955414&dsNavOnly=N:4294963828-4294955414&dsRecordDetails=R:IM69184 <,Ro:240,N:4294963828-4294955414&dsNavOnly=N:4294963828-4294955414&dsRecordDetails=R:IM70002>,Ro:240,N:4294963828-4294955414&dsNavOnly=N:4294963828-4294955414&dsRecordDetails=R:IM70002Note a IH crawler, but nice shot of large crawler on flatcar<!
qdtm-97dhnu-cyrSRw-2vtQ4i-poBPmQ-bszWVw-aokFR5-gPFPen-p7Xgr9-8RW6fE-7e5cqQ-auBLkK-k3auut> Harding <> www.iowacentralrr.orgFrom: STMFC@... [mailto:STMFC@...]Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 9:58 PMTo: STMFC@...: [STMFC] Flat Car Load Pictures of International BulldozersI am searching for pictures of International bulldozers loaded on flat cars.I need to know how far torn down the side arms and hydraulic assemblies are.How the blade is secured to the flatcar.What is left attached.Thanks in advance!
.Ross DandoMeridian, Idaho

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