Re: Flat Car Load Pictures of International Bulldozers


Oh, wow, did that picture strike a chord:

The year of the photo is 1947. While the location is given as Chicago, I believe the IH plant was in west suburban Broadview, switched by the CB&Q.

On April 3, 1947, while traveling through Downers Grove, IL, maybe ten miles west of Broadview, one of those crawler tractors fell off the side of a flatcar, right in front of the Twin Zephyr, which derailed at track speed and tore the front wall off the brick Downers Grove depot. Luckily, the station agent had just stepped across the street for a cup of coffee when the derailed train demolished his operator's bay. Subsequent investigation showed that some of the blocking was never nailed to the deck, allowing the crawler to shift and slide off the side of the car. For all we know, we are looking at the load in question.

Here is a link to a newspaper article from the time:

Overall history of the wreck:

Dennis Storzek

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