Re: Flat Car Load Pictures of International Bulldozers - Daily Tribune Spelling

Dennis Storzek

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Dennis, et al,

I don’t believe those were spelling errors.  You are probably aware that Col. McCormick was interested in streamlining the spelling of works, hence “frate” for freight, i.e. spelling them phonetically.  The word is even embedded over one of the doors in the Tribune Building.  When you own the newspaper, you can make all sorts of editorial decisions.

Larry Buell


No, I wasn't aware that Col. McCormick was personally interested in the spelling issue, just that there has been periodic interested in simplifying U.S. spelling; thus labor instead of labour, etc.

Interesting about the word "frate." I remember seeing that spelling on a freelance 17/64" scale model of an electric freight motor years ago. The builder, Bob Bruneau, just recently passed away, somewhat over eighty years old. That would have put him about twelve years old when that 1947 newspaper came out, an impressionable age. Now I think I see the connection.

Dennis Storzek

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