HO NYC enhanced 40' box car kit

Andy Carlson

I have 3 HO Intermountain kits enhanced with replacement and additional parts for targeted accuracy. 500 New York Central 10'6" IH box cars built by the NYC in 9-45, NYC 162000-162499. Delivered with Apex running boards, 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends, Ajax power brakes. 7-rung ladders and Barber S2 stabilized trucks with spring planks.  Has pre-war style of 5/6/5-T Youngstown Steel doors. Data supplied from Ed Hawkins' modified AAR box car lists (Thanks!).

Each undec kit will include:

1 #41899 "modified AAR boxcar" undec kit
1 Red Caboose rectangular panel Murphy roof
1 pair of Tahoe Model works Barber S2 spring plank trucks
4 IMRC wheel sets-the new "High Detail" semi-scale wheels with accurate backside wheel contour and thicker axles.
1 IMRC Apex photo-etched running board

No paint, decals or couplers are provided

Offered for $33/each, shipping by US 1st class mail included.
I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee PayPal is accepted. Contact me off-list @ for information.
-Andy Carlson

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