Re: Using "The Tool" (truck ream)?

Tim O'Connor

I have never heard of any mechanical advantage to roller bearing equipped
freight cars. When a car is rolling there is virtually no friction at all for
either plain or roller bearings. Any friction would result in uncontrollable
increases in heat that would melt the journal.

In very cold weather, the oil in plain bearings does provide some resistance but
it warms up quickly.

Hand brakes are typically applied on standing freight cars.

Some have wondered what the benefit of replacing wheelsets for a better fit and rolling characteristics. The real benefit is that the pulling power of your locomotives will appear to be very much enhanced, because you can pull a longer train of cars with properly adjusted trucks.
Spen Kellogg

I saw a recent post from a member of a historical society/museum that indicated this happens in the prototype world as well - when they got their first car, a passenger car, equipped with roller bearings they learned a lot of their apparently level trackage wasn't.

Jeff Shultz

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