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John Barry


I would hazard that these are inbound parts based on the apparent fixed racks inside the three single sheathed cars with open doors nearest the plant.  The first two of those three MIGHT be ATSF Fe-U's as the brace pattern is consistent and I see a hint of a DN end on the first car.  The white blob is in the correct location for an Fe-U herald, but I can't make it out.  The structures in the cars looks like the auto body racks shown on p47 of the Furniture and Auto Boxcar book.  I'm less certain about the side sills on those cars as it seems a little deeper than I would have thought for the Fe-U.  The fishbelly side sills on the next four cars is distinctive and not a good match for a Santa Fe prototype.  Wonder what those were?  
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This 1935 image is from the Huntington Library Digital Archives ( and shows the Studebaker plant in the
Central Manufacturing District in Los Angeles:
Use the slider above the images to enlarge it.
As to the boxcars lined up at the plant, would anyone hazard a guess as to whether these brought parts in, were ready to receive finished automobiles or were in dual service?
Also notice the apparent game of craps in the foreground.
By the way, there are many railroad photographs on the Huntington Library site.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet. CA

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