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John Barry

Mine was in a locker at the post office downstairs from work.  I brought it back upstairs and restrained myself for the rest of the work day.  I did peruse a very useful set of photos riding the MARC back to Point of Rocks.  Thanks Pat and Ed!  
John Barry
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       Walked in from getting the mail not too long ago. I saw a well-padded envelope stuffed in the mailbox and thought how I need to get a larger mailbox back up. (The county, when one of their snow plows knock down your mailbox, puts in this ¾ size version. Does not hold railroad books. Don’t ask me how I know this.)  

      Walk in the house and look at the envelope expecting it to be something the wife ordered. No, it has RPC stamped on the return address area. I carefully open it and have been looking over the RPC 34. I really do not know where to start, nice photos, great reproduction on these photos. Photos across a broad spectrum. Diagrams and more. Due to these photos I am now wanting cars that I did not know I wanted.

       What to say as I am somewhat at a loss for words on how nice this issue is.  Well I was always taught that if you get something you like and don’t know what to say, then say “thank you”.

       To Ed Hawkins and Pat Wider, a very big THANK YOU.           Jim Dick – St. Paul, MN

 PS - If you did not reserve one of these, get down to your local hobby store and have them hold one for you.

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