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Hello Jared,
yes there are several AFAIK. Who comes to my mind is scratchbuiltmike - Michael Stamey/ South East Scale Models. He has an ebay account where he frequently sells cars. Years ago I purchased two of them and I am pleased with the quality. Here is a (used) example:
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Apparently unlike many model railroaders who do not plan to finish their model railroads I would like to get mine mostly complete before I croak.  I really love the prototype research and I like operation, but all the stuff in between like building models is not a big thrill although I am getting structures and scenery built.  Anyway I am looking for someone who assembles resin kits.  I have been sending kits to Pierre Oliver who does a really outstanding job but isn't getting them built as fast as I would like.  Is there someone else who assembles resin kits for pay?
Jared Harper
Athens, GA


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