M3A1 flat car loads was Re: NC&StL FM-7 Flat Car Photos

Bruce Smith

​​​To be precise, the tanks are M3A1, of which 300 were produced by the American Locomotive Company between February and August 1942.  272 were powered by Wright radial aircraft engines, while 28 were powered by Gurberson T-1400-2 diesels. A view with a better resolution also shows the blue USA serial number markings from early in the war, for those contemplating M3 loads ;)  

Here's a 3/4 view of the NC&St.L FM-7 #70035 with M3A1 load


The photos is from the Archives of Canada, and while unlabeled as to date or location, some additional photos that are clearly in the same group are labeled Buffalo as the location.  I'm struggling to see reweigh dates on any of these cars.

M10 tank destroyer on SP 40585


M3A1 Lee on BAR 71710



Given that each of these cars has the horizontal "plumb line", it appears that this might have been part of a loading test?


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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I like to promote "Ya'll RR" freight cars whenever possible. Speedwitch has issued decals for the NC&StL's three groups of nominal 40-ft flatcars. Photos of the FM-7 are rare and I thought I would share those I have. The FM-7 will require some moderate kit-bashing using the Tichy flat car kit as it had fewer stake pockets than the later two groups. Great opportunity to use those interesting and early Kadee Andrews trucks. The M-3 cast hull Medium Tank load on #70035 is interesting but ultra rare. Note the "plumb line" strung between the sill steps. Happy modeling: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zry7jfrggty1yln/AAClxVCbiZhSofaZQjVfLYIPa?dl=0

Bill Welch


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