Re: Solid Bearings vs. Roller Bearings

Todd Horton

Here's a video (may be old news to some) about grain elevators in Canada.   The guy working the elevator is able to start moving, what appears to be plain bearing trucks under a box car, with the help of a lever and then push it into place by hand.     Even after the car is loaded he still is capable of moving the car by hand. 

Of course the track could be on a downhill grade, but it's still interesting. 

Todd Horton

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So what other mechanical considerations favor the use of all roller bearings?
Bob Chaparro

The main advantage was reduced labor costs (frequent inspection and lubrication) and a statistically smaller
likelihood of derailments due to journal bearing failure. Railroads were reluctant to buy them because of their
higher installation costs and as someone mentioned, the benefits mostly accrued to other railroads. Some
railroads continued to buy plain bearings on new cars until it was finally banned.

Tim O'Connor

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